Social Media — Emphasis on the Social

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Road Notes

I found groups on Facebook that I thought might be useful for our road trip. I posted about the plan. I got over 3000 responses and nearly 1000 comments. In about 8 hours.

A monumental lesson in social media, but it’s really just about life. I was curious earlier today if there were any FB groups that focused on road trips. Because we are about to take off on a long one and have been doing a bunch of little ones.

I found two biggies and did the joining process which took a few minutes to be confirmed. I had already posted on some VW Camper groups and gotten significant response, a couple hundred reactions and comments.

Then I posted on these new groups basically what I have been posting about heading out on the road with Michelle, Mo and the VW bus. With photos from the most recent excursion.

I thought, “I might get a few tips.” I did.

I also got over 3000 responses, so far! Which is roughly 15 times more than ever before, like, ever. And nearly 1000 comments. In about 8 hours.

And it seems to me that the reason is very simple. Shared reality. These are groups that love road trips and we are road trippin’. We have a shaggy Aussiedoodle and some people just loved him. There is Michelle with her situation and many commented on that and there is the bus, which stabs many right in the nostalgia heart. And, perhaps most of all, there is a DOING to it, a snubbing in the nose of the God of Caution.

Reality shared, and you just sense this wonderful wellspring of fellowship in that mutual way of looking at things.

None of these sites/groups allow any bickering or politics (same thing, I guess) or stances on religion or selling stuff. They are about sharing experience. Social media and what it can really do for us, a totally good thing, at its finest.

I got tips, baby! Mechanics, campgrounds free and otherwise, hot springs, waterfalls, highways, lakes, off the beaten track suggestions galore, GPS trackers, tips for Michelle, tips for Mo, tips for the Bus and the bus driver.

Just pure goodness from thousands of strangers who instantly felt like true kindred spirits.

Life is good.